Moose Media Management

Moose Media Management

Project Description

Branding, design and build. Managing Director, Graham, wanted him and his staff to be able to quickly respond and update/add information to the web site with the minimal amount of training. We therefore built the site on the WordPress CMS using a custom theme.

Project Details

Client Moose Media Management Ltd.
Date 2015
Skills Branding, Web Design


Yes – Moose!

When Graham came to us he had very strong views on his brand, message and voice. We took those thoughts and crafted, what we believe, is a unique brand in the sector.

Big and Bold

The Moose Media Management ethos is big, bold and colourful. We gave them the tools to build out their vision.

There’s nothing odd about Odd if you have high expectations for professional, attentive customer service, great advice & inside knowledge & a hassle free process from conception to completion.

There’s nothing odd about Odd if you expect an amazing website with a great aesthetic exuding simplicity & usability.

There’s nothing odd if you expect simple solutions aligned with infinite patience & understanding when you yell “help” down a phone or via email.

There’s nothing odd in Odd at all. Then again, given past experiences, perhaps they should change their name to “Extraordinary”? For that’s what Odd are & that’s what they offer…

Extraordinary service & an extraordinary final product for their customer! Thank you Odd for helping give our business the exact image we were after.

Graham Campbell

Managing Director, Moose Media Management

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