Intelligent Design

odd provides elegant solutions for print and digital


Collaterals with gravitas

Perfect packaging

Utilize our technical expertise to develop unique or complex product packaging

An Extra Dimension

High poly modeling, sculpting and texturing

Powerful Presentation

On brand office documents and slide decks

Concept Creation

Adding a spark to your product portfolio

Why Invest in Design?

Simple: the essence of design is to evoke emotion.
With emotion comes connection — once you connect with your audience they become involved in your story. Joy, passion, wonder, desire: at odd we can help you bring these emotions to your audience.

What We Do


Whatever the project we start the same way. We talk to you, understand your business and what you want to achieve.

We think deeply about the individual design solution that will best suit those goals, then we bring our best option to the table. If that falls outside your budget constraints then let’s talk, adjust the scope, tweak the deliverables. You’ll then have the confidence that you’ve started from the best solution and just chipped a little off, not from the cheapest solution and added a little on.


There are many many ways of putting ink on a page, each one is individual, each one can produce something wonderful.

Opening a brochure should be like throwing wide the company doors and welcoming the reader in. Your catalogue isn’t a ‘list of stuff’, it’s fifty, a hundred, or two hundred shop windows, each one explaining why the reader should choose you and not your competitors. Executed well design becomes invisible, but the message that design conveys, well, that only gets stronger.


Digital covers a lot these days, so do we – web, mobile, video, animation, interactive POS, eBooks, PDF forms; the list keeps growing.

We’ve gathered a team who care about quality and design in the digital world, they stay abreast of the latest innovations, are meticulous about standards and truly care about your clients, your users, those people who will visit your site, install your apps. We know that when we give them the best experience possible they will give you brand loyalty.


Engineering and Creativity combine, left brain and right brain working in harmony to produce assets with that extra dimension. From concept to launch 3D visualisations can streamline your product development process saving you time and money.

Use parametric driven models to define your SKUs. Design and visualise new colourways, finishes, or decals. Create unique and appealing packaging then render it out realistically for presentation without having to pay for expensive prototypes or dies. Get ahead of the curve and produce marketing assets before the production line has even started rolling.


Consistency is a strange beast, invisible when it’s perfect, glaringly obvious when even one or two important assets are a little off.

PowerPoint, Word, Excel – industry standard applications, often misused and notorious for badly designed documents. It dosen’t have to be that way, we can take your internal (and external) communications created in Office or iWork and make them sit seamlessly within your brand.

Distribute documents you are proud of and deliver spectacular, memorable presentations. Contact us today on

Damascus Steel


What will it cost?

We all hate wasting time, it’s a precious commodity, so we have put together an automated estimate app to give you a ball park figure of the overall cost of your project. No intricate details at this point, just five or six clicks to get an indication of budget. Now that’s a time saver! If you are happy we’ll follow up and arrange a meeting to gather the full scope of the project, then prepare you a detailed quote and timescale.

Office Document

Web Design

Design For Print

How we do it

We believe that great design is born from knowledge, the ability to listen and understand your needs. It is honed by experience, knowing when to add, knowing when to take away, and knowing that excellence is found in simplicity. And, finally, it is polished by artisans, with a deep understanding of the tools and materials available to them — design is a craft, it’s our craft.

Our Promise

  • To think deeply and differently about your problem, helping you do the same
  • To be the best we can be, blending logic, experience and business goals with creativity and imagination
  • To delight you with our work, and in consequence delight your customers
  • To deliver the optimum solution on time and on budget.

Our tools

It’s been said, …if the only tool you have is a hammer, you treat everything though it were a nail.” Wise words indeed and it’s why the odd team have an extremely wide range of expertise across a plethora of tooling and frameworks. We’ll always work with you to choose the best tool for your project.

We’ll never treat you like a nail, unless of course, you are a nail!



Our team’s thirst for knowledge is truly inspiring. We are always looking for new tools to add to our toolbox, new skills to add to our repertoire. Better ways to ensure we provide the best quality and service to our clients.


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